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Tools to integrate 2 great security tools OPNsense and Wazuh
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Tools to integrate 2 great security tools OPNsense and Wazuh

Ban an offensor IP from a host with wazuh agent installed in the OPNsense (perimeter) firewall via API call triggered by wazuh/ossec agent active response feature.

Pre requisites

-Make sure that your Wazuh Server and OPNsense has your Whitelist IPs configured or you can be banned from your own Firewall!

-OPNsense Firewall in network perimeter

-Wazuh Server and at least one Host with Wazuh Agent (tested on Linux) installed (with active response enabled) - not tested on OSSEC, but it will probabilly work too.

OPNsense Firewall steps

-Create a Firewall Alias with the name wazuh_activeresponse

-Create a block rule in WAN interface with the Alias created in the last step and put it in the Source option

-Create an user and enable the API in it. Instructions here:

Wazuh server steps

Create a custom rule in /var/ossec/etc/rules/local_rules.xml

  <rule id="100335" level="10" frequency="3" timeframe="10800">
    <description>Same source IP blocked 3 times in 3 hours - will be banned</description>
    <same_source_ip />

In the example above I've created a rule using the id 3357 from the Postfix ruleset to block any offender IP that matches 3 times within 3 hours.

Edit the ossec.conf - /var/ossec/etc/ossec.conf:

Add a new command section:


Add a new active-response section:


Test your new config syntax: /var/ossec/bin/ossec-analysisd -t

If everything is OK, reload your new server config: /var/ossec/bin/ossec-control reload

Host with wazuh-agent steps

Download the script:

wget -O /var/ossec/active-response/bin/ 

chmod +x /var/ossec/active-response/bin/

Edit the script and put your OPNsense setting in #Configuration section, changing the KEY, SECRET and URL vars:

# Configuration

Restart the agent to fetch the new Wazuh server config: /var/ossec/bin/ossec-control restart


Watch the log file to see bad guys been banned:

tail -f /var/ossec/logs/active-responses.log

Ban example:

Tue May 21 18:55:27 UTC 2019 /var/ossec/active-response/bin/ add - 1558464927.10252529 3353
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