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This repo contains a modified version of the original etherpad-lite modified to natively run on cloudfoundry, possibly on an offline mode (ie. without requiring internet access)


  1. Download the in release tab on github.
  2. Extract the zip file
  3. Go to the extracted archive with your console
    • Run cf push etherpad-lite -m 512M and you will have a sqlite instance on your app created
    • (With a database user provided) Follow this instructions and run cf push etherpad-lite -m 512M
  4. You're done

Install new plugin(s)

To install new etherpad plugin (you can see a list here:,-a-list ) you shoud add them in package.json in the root app directory to let the nodejs buildpack build/download them.

Default plugins

It use a tested set of plugin by default in the package which you can remove by updating the package.json in src folder. See the list:

  • ep_tables: Adds tables to etherpad-lite
  • ep_headings: Adds heading support to Etherpad Lite.
  • ep_list_pads: List Pads on the Index Page
  • ep_scrollto: Scroll to a specific line number based on a parameter of lineNumber in the URL IE -- Users can click on the line number to get a link
  • ep_colors: add colors to the etherpad
  • ep_adminpads: Gives the ability to list and administrate all pads on admin page.
  • ep_previewimages: Image previewer, paste the URL or an image or upload an image using ep_fileupload
  • ep_wrap: Option to disable line wrapping
  • ep_historicalsearch: Search through the history of documents to find when a query/search pattern or string existed
  • ep_table_of_contents: View a table of contents for your pad
  • ep_prompt_for_name: Prompt an author for their name
  • ep_pad_tracker With the Pad Tracker it's possible to search in all the created Pads of your server and with a click on track you can track it. Tracking means that you can see all tracked-pads on the main-page (/admin/padtracker) of the Plugin. All tracked Pads get listed on the main page with the name, the amoung of revisions and the date of the last edit.
  • ep_set_title_on_pad Set the title on a pad in Etherpad, also includes real time updates to the UI.
  • ep_public_view This plugin will help make content indexable by evil search engines and the hordes of social networks waiting to suckle on the bussum of your content. This plugin Allows search engines to get pad text contents, use with rob
  • ep_pad-lister A plugin for Etherpad-lite that shows a list of all pads sorted by last edit date.

Using database

  1. Create a database service which have an uri, the name must follow this regex: /.*(db|database|pg|postgres|mysql|mongo|lite|level|dirty|redis|couch|elasticsearch).*/i
  2. Bind your service to your app cf bind-service <app> <service name>
  3. you need to... No that's all, push your app :)

Using LDAP from user provided service

Ldap plugin is erroring with new etherpad-lite, currently moved this into the branch "cloudfoundry-with-ldap" (or see directly here:

Current limitation

  • etherpad-lite does not support being instanciated as a cluster. Prefer a single instance -i 1 in your Cf push. This implies that unplanned maintenances of instances crash won't be transparent to etherpad-lite users


This version can be runned offline (with no access to internet) if you don't add any plugin in package.json


Apache License v2