Builds binaries against the rootfs of your choice.
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This tool provides a mechanism for building binaries for the Cloud Foundry buildpacks.

Currently supported binaries

  • NodeJS
  • Ruby
  • JRuby
  • Python
  • PHP
  • Nginx
  • Apache HTTPD Server
  • Go
  • Glide
  • Godep
  • Bundler


The scripts are meant to be run on a Cloud Foundry stack.

Running within Docker

To run binary-builder from within the cflinuxfs2 rootfs, use Docker:

docker run -w /binary-builder -v `pwd`:/binary-builder -it cloudfoundry/cflinuxfs2 bash
./bin/binary-builder --name=[binary_name] --version=[binary_version] --(md5|sha256)=[checksum_value]

This generates a gzipped tarball in the binary-builder directory with the filename format binary_name-binary_version-linux-x64.

For example, if you were building ruby 2.2.3, you'd run the following commands:

$ docker run -w /binary-builder -v `pwd`:/binary-builder -it cloudfoundry/cflinuxfs2:ruby-2.2.4 ./bin/binary-builder --name=ruby --version=2.2.3 --md5=150a5efc5f5d8a8011f30aa2594a7654
$ ls

Building PHP

To build PHP, you also need to pass in a YAML file containing information about the various PHP extensions to be built. For example

docker run -w /binary-builder -v `pwd`:/binary-builder -it cloudfoundry/cflinuxfs2 bash
./bin/binary-builder --name=php --version=5.6.14 --md5=ae625e0cfcfdacea3e7a70a075e47155 --php-extensions-file=./php-extensions.yml

For an example of what this file looks like, see:


Find our guidelines here.

Reporting Issues

Open an issue on this project

Active Development

The project backlog is on Pivotal Tracker

Running the tests

The integration test suite includes specs that test the functionality for building PHP with Oracle client libraries. These tests are tagged :run_oracle_php_tests and require access to an S3 bucket containing the Oracle client libraries. This is configured using the environment variables AWS_ACCESS_KEY and AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY

If you do not need to test this functionality, exclude the tag :run_oracle_php_tests when you run rspec.