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Cloudinary Django Sample Project

A simple web application that allows you to uploads photos, maintain a database with references to them, list them with their metadata, and display them using various cloud-based transformations.

This sample project depends on Cloudinary's Python library.


Run the following commands from your shell.

Project cloning and dependent package installation:

git clone git://    
cd cloudinary-django-sample
pip install -r requirements.txt

Defining Cloudinary's credentials. The CLOUDINARY_URL value is available in the dashboard of your Cloudinary account. If you don't have a Cloudinary account yet, click here to create your free account.


Creating a local database and running a web server:

python ./ syncdb
python ./ runserver

You can now browse to the following link to start exploring the sample.


The sample app also supports the Django admin which is available here:


With virtualenv

We recommend and support the usage of virtualenv. All you need to do is create a new virtualenv (if necessary):

virtualenv venv

And then just activate it:

source venv/bin/activate

Now you can go ahead with the instructions above.