This data base contains the Quran Holly Book
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The Quran Holy Book

Source of this database : Alfanous-team/alfanous-api/tree/master/resources/databases.

Database Tables

Aya Table

`TABLE aya
	            --global aya id
	                 gid int,
	            --sura_aya key
	                 sura_id int,
	                 aya_id int,
	            --aya texts
	                 standard text ,
	                 standard_full text ,
	                 uthmani text ,
	                 uthmani_min text,
	                 chapter text,
	                 topic text,
	                 subtopic text ,
	                 subject text,
	                 rub_gid int ,
	                 nisf_gid int ,
	                 hizb_gid int ,
	                 juz_gid int ,
	                 rub_id int ,
	                  nisf_id int,
	                  hizb_id int,
	                 juz_id int ,
	                  page_id int,
	                  ruku_id int,
	                 manzil_id int ,
	                 sajda varchar(10),--bool
	                 sajda_id int ,
	                 sajda_type varchar(10),
	            --sura info
	                 sura_name varchar(20),
	                 sura_type varchar(30) ,
	                  sura_order int,
	                 sura_ayas_nb int,
	                 sura_gnames_nb int ,
	                 sura_words_nb int,
	                 sura_letters_nb int,
	                 sura_rukus_nb int ,
	                 aya_gnames_nb int,
	                 aya_words_nb int,
	                 aya_letters_nb int, 
			 page_id_indian integer, 
                             sura_name_en VARCHAR(25), 
                             sura_name_romanization VARCHAR(25),
			 sura_type_en varchar(10),
	              primary key(gid)

Field Table

`TABLE field 
                    id int  ,
                    name varchar(20) ,
                    name_arabic varchar(20) ,
                    table_name varchar(10) ,
                    comment text ,
                    type varchar(20) ,
                    format varchar(20) ,
                    is_indexed int ,--bool
                    is_stored int ,--bool
                    is_spellchecked int ,--bool
                    is_scorable int ,--bool
                    is_unique int ,--bool
                    source varchar(30),
                    source_comment text,
                    revised int,
                    revised_by varchar(30), 'search_name' varchar(20), analyser varchar(20), boost varchar(20), phrase varchar(20), lock int,
                    primary key(id)


Synonymes Table

`TABLE synonymes(id int primary key,word varchar(15) unique,synonymes varchar(120));`

Stopwords Table

`TABLE stopwords(id int primary key,word varchar(10) unique,nb_in_quran int );`

Word Table

`TABLE word 
                    (-- global word id
                     id int ,
                    --sura_aya_word key
                    --sura_id int,
                    --aya_id int ,
                    --word_id int,
                    --word tokens
                     word varchar(20),
                     word_ varchar(20),

                    uthmani varchar(20) ,
                    lemma varchar(20) ,
                    root varchar(10) ,
                    type varchar(50) ,
                    pattern varchar(20) ,            
                    gender varchar(20) ,
                    number varchar(20) ,
                    person varchar(20) ,
                    i3rab varchar(20) ,
                    --prefix varchar(10) ,
                    --suffix varchar(20) ,
                    --synonymes varchar(100) ,
                    --word_letters_nb  int ,
                    primary key(id)