A Bitcoin miner implemented in JavaScript.
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Bitcoin JavaScript Miner

Current Status: Alpha

What is it?

This is a Bitcoin Miner implemented in JavaScript. It is intended for use in a Bitcoin Mining Pool, but its main purpose is to act as a learning tool. Feel free to browse the commented source-code and learn more about how Bitcoins are mined.

Learn more about Bitcoin

How do I use it?

Download the full source code, edit the bitcoind-server.php file with your serever, username, and password, and upload it to any webserver. You can then access the index.html file and begin mining!

Does It Really Mine Bitcoins?

Yes, though it isn't very good at mining! It operates much slower than even a standard CPU miner, and so it is unlikely to generate much income. However it can be loaded on a website so your visitors can calculate bitcoins for you.

Current Development Status

JsMiner has been tested on a local bitcoin server (bitcoind -daemon) and with the bitcoinpool.com pool.

JsMiner is also an educational tool. It's hashing function hasn't been 100% verified for correct operation so don't be too surprised if it doesn't work properly.

File Desctriptions

This is a list of the files and what they do:

  • index.html - The webpage for JsMiner. Provides an interface to process and view mining statistics.
  • miner.js - This is where the Bitcoin Mining is done. It is invoked as a Web Worker (JavaScript thread).
  • sha256.js - SHA-256 functions implemented in JavaScript.
  • work-manager.js - Code to getwork, submitwork, and manage the Miner threads.
  • bitcoind-server.php - Connection info for connecting to a bitcoin pool / server.
  • getwork.php - Feeds up a getwork request in JSON format for easy processing by the javascript
  • submitwork.php - accepts a solution in a POST request and submits it to the server for verification and cashing in.

Thank You

If you like this project, feel free contribute code, comments, and even Bitcoin donations.

Donation Address for cmaclell: 19ZhyDExua1b6ZzMMfvPdGpQTRnjkWZTYj Donation Address for kr105rlz: 16TUsJ6ToAxp1a9RmTCGnox99MocGSYLaD