Arduino Library for the Sphero
Latest commit 5237192 Feb 17, 2016 @cmonr Fixed a -really- dumb mistake
Set motors only ever sets one motor. Wonder why this lasted for so long...



Notice: At this time, I do not plan on updating the Arduino Sphero or Bluetooth libraries.

This is a -basic- Sphero Library for the Arduino.

Things needed:


  1. Connect tx,rx pins on Bluetooth Module to TX1, RX1 on Arduino Mega
  2. Connect CTS and RTS to eachother
  3. Connect 5v and GND to Arduino 5V and GND
  4. Shake on Sphero
  5. Upload the AutoConfigBluetoothForSphero example, and run with the Serial Monitor
  6. Power cycle Arduino & Bluetooth Module (unplug & replug USB cable) : NOTE: Upon power up, the Sphero should autoconnect
  7. Upload and run any of the examples