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R package to implement and visualize several epidemiological forecasting methods.
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lcbrooks Fix hospitalization multibin radii off-by-one error
The first hospitalization rate bin is 0.0, not 0.1; fix resulting off-by-one
errors in the multibin radius calculations. For example, fix the multibin radius
for the rate of 1.4 (which is currently calculated as if it were 1.5 instead).
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demo Update demo.R: add notes on how to load packages with devtools May 13, 2019
epiforecast.cpp14funs Update NAMESPACE's to reflect previous change Oct 15, 2018
epiforecast Fix hospitalization multibin radii off-by-one error Aug 13, 2019
sample Add multibin score analysis to main forecasting script May 13, 2019
scratch Update pancast visualization May 13, 2019
.gitignore Add, use fixup for wILI_Baseline.csv Oct 23, 2018
LICENSE_notes Use simplify2arrayp fix for simplify2array (for some R versions) Jul 28, 2018 Improved README Jan 9, 2017
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epiforecast_0.0.1.tar.gz Update epiforecast_0.0.1.tar.gz Jul 26, 2017


R package that implements several methods for epidemiological forecasting empirical bayes (EB), basis regression (BR), and time-weighted kernel density estimation (twkde).


On mac or linux command line:

R CMD INSTALL epiforecast

or run the following in R:

devtools::install_github("cmu-delphi/epiforecast-R", subdir="epiforecast")


Run code in demo/demo.R

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