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Goko Build Status Discuss

Current version : 0.3.5


Goko is a Java based GCode sender and CNC control software. It can be used to control a controller board based CNC machine.

Supported controllers :

  • TinyG v0.97 - doc
  • G2 Core v0.99 - doc
  • Grbl v1.1 - doc
  • Grbl v0.9 - doc
  • Grbl v0.8c - doc

Getting started

See documentation

Report a bug

You can use the Issues tracker

You can also discuss on the forum Discuss

Changelog - Version 0.3.5 [2017-11-04]


  • Zero probe tool, allowing to zero using touch probe, including tool offset,
  • Forcing TinyG status report format on connection,
  • Added mouse position coordinate display in 3d viewer,
  • Added Gcode colorization mode allowing to colorize by motion mode, spindle state, or feedrate,
  • Added support for Radius Mode G2/G3 motions,
  • Added customizable arc specification check in GCode preferences,
  • Reworked command panel for better button layout,


  • Fixed G92 export,
  • Fixed G53 support,
  • Fixed a bug preventing from switching jog axis when using Shuttle Xpress devices,
  • Fixed spindle state display for Grbl,
  • Fixed broken spindle buttons in command panel,
  • Fixed Grbl not properly handling the end of a token execution,
  • Fixed TinyG not properly handling the end of a token execution,
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