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  • New Texture Map Defragmentation plugin
  • Possibility to load files with more than one layer
  • Reintroduction of far clipping plane
  • Possibility to load custom shaders
  • Runtime loading of MeshLab Plugins
  • Lot of bugfixes

Check out this post for more details!


  • new plugin "Global Registration" based on OpenGR library
  • option to reverse wheel direction
  • snap package allows to associate file extensions and to open files on external disks
  • u3d exporter is now more stable and works on every platform
  • removed support for XML plugins and QtScript depe…


Due to the deprecation of QtScript and all the issues related to it, we are dropping from MeshLab the support to XML plugins, and therefore all the XML plugins have been transformed to classic plugins in this MeshLab version. The involved plugins are:

  • Screened Poisson;
  • Measure;
  • Voronoi;
revert log commit (…

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