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small tornado project of an imageboard
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Tornado-based imageboard

Current features:

  1. Admin panel features:
    • Creation, editing, delition and viewing stats of boards;
    • Ability to post as admin;
    • Ability to remove posts, ban and unban users;
    • Ability to view detailed logging history;
    • Ability to move threads to different board;
  2. Highly configurable imageboardboard creation tool with ability to set:
    • default poster name and ability to allow custom usernames (tripcodes are supported);
    • board full and shortened names;
    • board specific settings:
      • number of posts in thread,
      • bumplimit,
      • amount of threads in catalog,
      • amount of threads per page,
      • optional countryflags,
      • 300x100px banners,
      • optional dice rolls.
  3. Posting features:
    • Support of:
      • .jpg/.jpeg, .png, .gif images,
      • .webm and .mp4 videos,
      • .mp3, .ogg, .wav, .opus audio;
    • Up to 20 MB filesize;
    • Spoiler thumbnails for images and videos;
    • Maximum of four files per post;
    • Ability to report posts;
    • Ability to remove your own posts.


  • python 3
  • mongodb
  • mediainfo
  • ffmpeg
  • imagemagick

How to run

  1. Install all software dependencies
  2. Configure nginx - use example config, make sure mongo is running
    $ sudo service mongod start
  3. Install module dependencies and run
    $ pip install -r requirements.txt
    $ python
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