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CxJS Hacker News

This is a sample Progressive Web Application (PWA) built using CxJS, preact, firebase, Babel and webpack. CxJS is commonly used to build large web applications which might be slow to start due to large amount of JavaScript that needs to be loaded. This application demonstrates the application shell architecture which allows fast startup due to incremental code loading.


Live at

Hosting is provided by Netlify, which also provides a free https certificate.

Getting Started

Node.js 6+ is required.

  1. Install packages using yarn install or npm install.

  2. Start the app using yarn start or npm start

  3. Use yarn run build to create a deployment package

App Features

  • Top stories in multiple categories
  • Infinite scrolling of stories beyond top 30
  • Comments with an option to expand replies


  • preact-compat - small-size React replacement
  • firebase - HN API access and real-time updates
  • CxJS:
    • app layout
    • state management
    • controllers
    • pushState navigation
    • custom components (infinite scrolling)


  • babel - ES transpilation
  • webpack - code-splitting, production bundling, service-worker
  • prettier - code formatting


This application is a part of the CxJS framework. Please visit our website for more information on CxJS licensing.