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  1. jquery-fullscreen-plugin jquery-fullscreen-plugin Public

    This jQuery plugin provides a simple to use mechanism to control the new fullscreen mode of modern browsers

    JavaScript 342 142

  2. jquery-uitablefilter jquery-uitablefilter Public

    small plugin for filtering (hiding) table rows based on their text content

    JavaScript 59 21

  3. doctum doctum Public

    A php API documentation generator, fork of Sami

    PHP 274 29

  4. Laravel-FCM Laravel-FCM Public

    Forked from brozot/Laravel-FCM

    Laravel-FCM is an easy to use package working with both Laravel and Lumen for sending push notification with Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM).

    PHP 35 12

  5. phpmyadmin-releases phpmyadmin-releases Public

    phpMyAdmin releases into GIT

    Shell 1

  6. resumable.php resumable.php Public

    Forked from dilab/resumable.php

    PHP backend for resumable.js

    PHP 1


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