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Pretty material design toasts with feedback animations
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Load Toast Library

The default toasts are ugly and don't really provide much more than a short message. This small library provides a better toast which will give the user feedback by morphing into a checkmark or cross (success and fail). The lifetime of the toast is completely controlled by you.



Step 1


dependencies {
    compile 'net.steamcrafted:load-toast:1.0.12'

Step 2

The API is very simple, create a new toast by providing a context:

LoadToast lt = new LoadToast(context);

Change the displayed text:

lt.setText("Sending Reply...");

If you don't have a message to display, the toast will shrink to only show the circular loader.

Then proceed to show the toast:;

When your background thingy is done provide feedback to the user and hide the toast:

// Call this if it was successful

// Or this method if it failed

// Or if no feedback is desired you can simply hide the toast

To properly position the toast use the following method to adjust the Y offset:

lt.setTranslationY(100); // y offset in pixels

You can also change the colors of the different toast elements:


In some situations a border might be desired for increased visibility, by default it is transparent:

// Change the border color
lt.setBorderColor(int color);

// Change the border width
lt.setBorderWidthPx(int widthPx);
lt.setBorderWidthDp(int widthDp);
lt.setBorderWidthRes(int resourceId);

When displaying a message in a RTL language you can force the text to marquee from left to right instead of the default right to left:

// pass in false for RTL text, true for LTR text
lt.setTextDirection(boolean isLeftToRight);

These can be chained as you can see.


Released under the Apache 2.0 License

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