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Code4lib Anti-Harassment Policy

This is repository is a space for dialog in the maintenance of an anti-harassment policy for the Code4lib annual conference, mailing list, and other Code4Lib channels.

Resources for policies/starting points:

Code of Code4Lib Conduct

The Code of Code4Lib Conduct is an evolving document that applies not only to the annual Code4Lib conference, but also to the other ways we interact, including theCode4lib listserv, irc, and other Code4Lib venues, such as the Slack and Discord channels.

As we learn and grow, we welcome suggestions for changes. You can follow our change procedures to make suggestions in one of the following ways:


CC0 Licensed under CC0


Discussion is welcome here in the repository's issues or the other major Code4Lib channels: the Code4lib listserv, irc, Slack, and Discord.


Using Github (doesn't require knowing Git)

  1. Fork the codebase e.g. to (click the "Fork" button in the upright corner of the page)
  2. Click the link for one of the files (e.g.
  3. Click the Edit button
  4. Add a commit summary and (optionally) an extended description
  5. Click the Commit Changes button
  6. Create a pull request by clicking the Pull Request button at the top of the page

Using Git

  1. Fork the codebase e.g. to
  2. Clone your fork locally (git clone my-code-of-conduct)
  3. Create a branch to hold your changes (git checkout -b my-changes)
  4. Commit the changes you've made (git commit -am "Some descriptive text around what you've added")
  5. Push your branch to github (git push origin my-changes)
  6. Create a pull request e.g. at