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Planet Code4Lib aggregates feeds and blogs of interest to the Code4Lib community. It uses Planet Venus.

Installation generally

> git clone
> cd planetcode4lib
> git submodule init
> git submodule update
> ./venus/ --verbose

The generated files will be in output/.

To test it with one feed, run

> ./venus/ --verbose test.ini

Installation on the server

Downloading and cloning is done over HTTPS so it's as generic as possible. No updates are to be made on the server; they should be made locally, pushed to GitHub, then pulled down.

> # Become the c4l user
> cd /var/www/
> git clone
> cd planetcode4lib
> git submodule init
> git submdule update
> ./venus/ --verbose --expunge

To update:

> # Become the c4l user
> cd /var/www/
> git pull

The relevant line in c4l's crontab is:

10,40 * * * * cd /var/www/; ./venus/ --expunge 2>&1

Adding (or removing) a feed

Additions are welcome! Email William Denton or submit a pull request modifying config.ini.

If you're on the list but don't want to be, please do the same, and you'll be removed, no questions asked.