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Slackbot for greeting new codebuddies users
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greetbot is a Slack app built with ExpressJS to be used with the Codebuddies open Slack community. greetbot helps us welcome and onboard new members and provide valuable coding resources.


Code of Conduct

This is an open source project and we welcome all developers of all skill levels. We encourage all contributors to create Issues, submit Pull Requests, and review each other's code. As such, we expect people to be open for discussion and feedback. If you want to provide feedback or comment, please make sure that your comments are constructive.

TL;DR: Be nice, we are all here to learn together.


Development contribution requires that you have your own Slack workspace as your sandbox for local development purposes. For instructions on how to make your own, see Slack's tutorial.

Getting Started

  1. Install dependencies with NPM
  npm install
  1. Create an .env file by following the same structure as .env.example. Change the DEV_SUBDOMAIN variable to your name without spaces. For example, if your name is Jane Fonda, then the DEV_SUBDOMAIN value should be janefonda.

  2. Run Development mode

  npm run start:dev

Installing greetbot in your sandbox workspace

We have created a guide on how to set up your local version of greetbot in your Slack workspace. Read it here.

Putting it all together 🎉

Now that you have followed the tutorials and guides linked above to a T (right??), greetbot should work in your slack workspace. Try sending a slash command by typing /welcome test. greetbot should send you private message with a welcome message.

Feature Requests / Ideas / Issues

For bugs or other issues, feel free to file an Issue.

For ideas, join us for a discussion at the Codebuddies Slack channel, #cb-code. You can get an invite to Codebuddies here.


MIT Licensed, see LICENSE for details.

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