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Dart Code Coverage Generator

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Generate code coverage for Dart projects. Output can be lcov format or an HTML report.

This project includes a dart_codecov_generator executable that runs one or many test files and uses the coverage package to collect coverage for each file and format the coverage into the desired output format.


Depends on the following utilities:

  • genhtml (brew install lcov on a mac)
  • lsof (standard unix utility)


Add this to your package's pubspec.yaml file:

  coverage: "^0.7.0"
  dart_codecov_generator: "^0.4.0"


pub get --packages-dir


pub run dart_codecov_generator


By default, this tool runs every test file in the test/ directory. You can explicitly specify the directories or files like so:

pub run dart_codecov_generator test/my_test.dart


  • --report-on: Which directories or files to report coverage on. For example, --report-on=lib/.


  • --html: Whether or not to generate the HTML report. Defaults to true.
  • --lcov: Whether or not to generate the .lcov file. Defaults to true.
  • --verbose: Toggle verbose output to stdout.


The tooling currently relies on the deprecated packages directories generated by pub. If the .packages file should be used instead, modify the call to pub run coverage:format_coverage in bin/src/coverage.dart, replacing --package-root=packages with --packages=.packages.