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Codecov Bash Example @codecov

This repository serves as an example on how to integrate with Codecov for Bash/Shell language.

See example coverage here:

Basic Usage

Run your tests with kcov in order to create the necessary coverage reports. For example:

kcov output_path

Add to your .travis.yml file.

language: generic

sudo: required

      - libcurl4-openssl-dev
      - libelf-dev
      - libdw-dev
      - cmake

after_success: |
  wget &&
  tar xzf master.tar.gz &&
  cd kcov-master &&
  mkdir build &&
  cd build &&
  cmake .. &&
  make &&
  sudo make install &&
  cd ../.. &&
  rm -rf kcov-master &&
  mkdir -p coverage &&
  kcov coverage &&
  bash <(curl -s

Additional apt packages are kcov build dependencies. Codecov is integrated by the following line in after_success:

bash <(curl -s

Private Repos

Add to your .travis.yml file.

    - CODECOV_TOKEN=:uuid-repo-token

View source and learn more about Codecov Global Uploader

We are happy to help if you have any questions. Please contact email our Support at