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Codecov Go Example

This repository serves as an example on how to use Codecov Global for Go.

Note: use -covermode=atomic or -covermode=count to show how many times a statement was executed.

Travis CI

Add to your .travis.yml file.

language: go

  - 1.8.x
  - tip

  - go get -t -v ./...

  - go test -race -coverprofile=coverage.txt -covermode=atomic

  - bash <(curl -s https://codecov.io/bash)

Private Repos

Set CODECOV_TOKEN in your environment variables.

Add to your .travis.yml file.

  - bash <(curl -s https://codecov.io/bash) -t uuid-repo-token

Or you can set the environment variable CODECOV_TOKEN=uuid-repo-token and remove the -t flag

Caveat: Multiple files

If you see this cannot use test profile flag with multiple packages then use this shell template to execute your tests and store coverage output

#!/usr/bin/env bash

set -e
echo "" > coverage.txt

for d in $(go list ./... | grep -v vendor); do
    go test -race -coverprofile=profile.out -covermode=atomic $d
    if [ -f profile.out ]; then
        cat profile.out >> coverage.txt
        rm profile.out

Then run this file as your test (ex. ./test.sh)

Reference http://stackoverflow.com/a/21142256/2055281

View source and learn more about Codecov Global Uploader

We are happy to help if you have any questions. Please contact email our Support at support@codecov.io