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⚓️ 🔥 Angular + Firebase Progressive Web App Starter
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FireStarter is an Angular PWA powered by Firebase. It can serve as a foundation to learn this stack and roll out more complex features.


  • Angular 7.x
  • 100 PWA Lighthouse Score with NGSW
  • Firebase Auth, Storage, and Cloud Firestore Demos
  • Angular Universal Prerendered SSR (deployed to Firebase Static Hosting)
  • End-to-End Testing with
  • Continuous Integration with CircleCI


  1. Run
  • git clone firestarter
  • cd firestarter
  • npm install
  1. Create a project at and grab your web config:

  1. Add the config to your Angular environment


export const environment = {
  production: false,
  firebase: {
    apiKey: 'APIKEY',
    authDomain: '',
    databaseURL: '',
    projectId: 'DEV-APP',
    storageBucket: '',
    messagingSenderId: '123456789'
  1. Open src/app/app.module.ts and replace the firebasePlaceholderConfig with your environment, i.e environment.firebase

  2. And finally ng serve

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