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phpThumb Plugin for CakePHP

CakePHP plugin with phpThumb library and helper to generate thumbnails.

How to use the helper

Create a directory "php_thumb" in your app/plugins folder. Clone/copy the plugin in the app/plugins/php_thumb folder.

Load the phpThumb helper in each controller where you want to use the helper:

var $helpers = array('PhpThumb.PhpThumb');

You can use it in your view as follows:

$thumbnail = $this->PhpThumb->generate(
    	'save_path' => WWW_ROOT . 'assets/img/thumbs',
    	// Where to save the thumbnail. (Make sure it is writable by the web server)
    	'display_path' => '/assets/img/thumbs',
    	// The web accessible path to the directory that the thumbnail lives in after its created.
    	'error_image_path' => '/assets/img/error.jpg',
    	// The default image to display if something goes wrong while generating a thumbnail. 
		'src' => WWW_ROOT . 'assets/img/srcImage.jpg',
		// The source image to be converted into a thumbnail.
		// From here on out, you can pass any standard phpThumb parameters
		'w' => 100, 
		'h' => 100,
		'q' => 100,
		'zc' => 1
echo $this->Html->image($thumbnail['src'], array('width' => $thumbnail['w'], 'height' => $thumbnail['h']));


The helper has been forked from More info at

phpThumb library

Currently installed version is 1.7.9. Go to for more information.