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Codeweek Build Status

A grassroots initiative run by volunteers and supported by the European Commission.



  • To run this project, you must have PHP 7 installed.
  • You should setup a host on your web server for your local domain. For this you could also configure Laravel Homestead or Valet.
  • If you want use Redis as your cache driver you need to install the Redis Server. You can either use homebrew on a Mac or compile from source (

Step 1

Begin by cloning this repository to your machine, and installing all Composer & NPM dependencies.

git clone
cd codeweek && composer install && npm install

Step 2

  1. Create .env based on .env.example file, and add your database credentials and the email that will be set as administrator.

Step 3

Create the database with the default values

php artisan key:generate
chmod -R 777 storage
php artisan migrate:fresh --seed
npm run dev

Step 4

  1. Next, boot up a server and visit your site. If using a tool like Laravel Valet, of course the URL will default to http://codeweek.test.
  2. Visit: http://codeweek.test/register to register a new account.