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Windfall Elimination Provision, USA Social Security

This is a tool to help retirees affected by the Social Security Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP). WEP mostly affects public servants like teachers and firefighters, and can mean a reduction in SSA benefits of up to 50%. This tool will help affected workers, and anyone with a social security card, better plan retirement and self-advocate with the Social Security administration.

What is inside?

  • App for best user experience on tablets, ideally pursued with a case worker.
  • Official earnings record PDF scraping using PDF.js (and official XML format parsing)
  • Typescript type checking to ensure matching types between replicated SSA algorithms and Gatsby/React.
  • Tests to compare output of known documented examples to the Microsoft Windows-based Social Security Detailed Calculator.
  • AnyPIAJS and PiaFormat.ts allowing use of the (originally Windows-based) Social Security Detailed Calculator from within this app, without any sending data away from the user's browser.
  • Observable WEP calculation Prototype - The earlier, alpha version of the calculator's math: from Feb 2019.

Join the Slack channel #windfall-elimination for more information.


Use git clone command with SSH. Run npm install && npm start to launch the project.

  • To turn on feature toggle that enables features.

    • In Windows PowerShell(not cmd), run $env:<feature keyword> = 'true'; npm start
    • In Mac and Linux, run <feature keyword>=true npm start
  • Feature keyword list

    • GATSBY_SHOW_FUTURE_EARNINGS_PAGE : show future earnings page in left side bar and main page
    • GATSBY_SCROLL_WHEN_FINISH : scroll down when finish each step in prescreen-1b


Windfall Elimination Provision Awareness Project: improving the experience of retirees around an obscure Social Security rule affecting 8+ states





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