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Complete Facebook fanpage feeds on your website

This plugin will embed your Facebook Page Posts and display them gracefully on your website.

Download: http://www.codehandling.com/p/codehandling-free-plugins.html

Documentation: http://www.codehandling.com/2015/03/free-version-of-famax-jquery-plugin-is.html
Demo: http://demos.codehandling.com/famax/famax.html
Premium Version: http://www.codehandling.com/2015/03/famax-40-complete-facebook-fanpage.html


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Famax displays your complete Facebook Fanpage data on your website! You can post images/videos on your fanpage and it will be reflected on your webpage.

You can customize Famax UI as per your requirement. Ex: Set Famax columns to 3 to display a Pinboard kindof view; set Famax columns to 2 to display a timeline kindof view, or set Famax columns to 1 to display a widget kindof view... and so on...


  • you can customize width and height of the widget on your website. - columns for the posts can be customized (Example: you can now have a 1/2/3/4...-column layout for the posts displayed.)
  • the widget itself is responsive; given a width or % for the widget, the inner contents will resize accordingly.
  • parts of the plugin like header/tabs can be hidden as per requirement.


Jake Handling


This plugin is available under the MIT licence under the condition that you cannot re-distribute the plugin.