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Codehero Server Builder

Codehero server image builder from a template, for DigitalOcean build using This project will build a snapshot of Ubuntu 14.04 x86 with all needed dependencies and configuration for the Codehero static blog to work.

How to create a new image

note: you need the packer binary installed in your machine in order to be able to build the image. You also need to create an API Token in the DigitalOcean admin panel.

First validate that the codehero-template.json script is correct using packer validate

$ packer validate codehero-template.json

Then export the previously generated API token as DIGITALOCEAN_API_TOKEN in your computer and build the new image using packer build command.

$ export DIGITALOCEAN_API_TOKEN="your_api_token"
$ packer build codehero-template.json

When packer finishes building the image a new "snapshot" should be created with the codehero name and a timestamp, e.g. codehero-1422840869.

License MIT

The license is MIT