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A Minecraft Server Launcher Written by Golang. Deprecated, please use official BDS
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Minecraft Server Launcher

A Minecraft Server Launcher Written in Golang.


Powered By MCMrARM/mcpelauncher-linux.

This server software utilizes the built-in server components inside the Minecraft android apk file to run a native Bedrock server. All features are available and you can get Xbox Live achievements on the server, just like realms. Plus more control over the server, it's actually way better than realms.

  • Currently the release version supports Minecraft version 1.6.0 as the server core. But all 1.6.x client versions should be able to play on the server.


  • Auto Complete For Command
  • Full Minecraft Bedrock server feature/bug support
  • Systemd Based Service
  • DBus Based Interface


For ArchLinux

  1. Append the repo to /etc/pacman.conf
SigLevel = Never
Server =
  1. Execute pacman -Syu mcpeserver mcpeserver-core
  2. Execute systemctl reload dbus
  3. Execute install -dm 0755 -o mcpeserver /srv/mcpeserver
  4. Put the minecraft x86 apk to /srv/mcpeserver, and then run cd /srv/mcpeserver && sudo mcpeserver unpack --apk (the apk filename)
  5. Start: systemctl start mcpeserver@default.service, Stop: systemctl stop mcpeserver@default.service
  6. Attach to the server for input command: mcpeserver attach -profile default

Tips: make sure the owner of /srv/mcpeserver is mcpeserver (except for bin/data directory)

For Other Distros



You might want to edit the server configuration file before actually running the server.

Server configuration file is located in /srv/mcpeserver/default.cfg.

Here is an example of the server configuration file.

level-name="§aServer example"
motd="§6Welcome to §9server example!"

The preferred way is to put your own world in /srv/mcpeserver/worlds and change the level-dir to the name of your world folder. Otherwise the server will generate a world based on the seed in the config file with some very undesirable settings.

(Tips: make sure all files in /srv/mcpeserver can be accessed by mcpeserver user)

Basic server commands are supported such as list, say, op, etc.

socket://user@localhost.localdomain$ /list
There are 1/40 players online:

socket://user@localhost.localdomain$ /say Hi!
[Server] Hi!

socket://user@localhost.localdomain$ /op CodeHz

Refer to wiki for other usage.


GPL v3

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