Command-line tool for manipulating CSV data
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csvfilter - Simple CSV filtering

A simple wrapper around Python's CSV module to provide a command-line tool for filtering columns from a CSV file. This is useful as standard tools like awk can't easily handle the quoting and escaping used in CSV files.

Basically, it's a bit like cut but for CSVs.


From PyPi:

pip install csvfilter


Pluck fields 1, 3 and 5 from in.csv:

csvfilter -f 1,3,5 in.csv > out.csv

Pluck all fields apart from column 2 from STDIN:

cat in.csv | csvfilter -f 2 -i > out.csv

Convert pipe-separated file to comma-separated (by default, output is comma-separated):

csvfilter -d"|" in.psv > out.csv

Skip that pesky header row:

cat in.csv | csvfilter --skip=1

As you can see, CSV data can be supplied through STDIN or by running csvfilter directly on a file.

Help is in the usual place:

$ csvfilter --help

Usage: csvfilter [options] [inputfile]


-h, --help            show this help message and exit
-f FIELDS, --fields=FIELDS
                        Specify which fields to pluck
-s SKIP, --skip=SKIP  Number of rows to skip
                        Delimiter of incoming CSV data
                        Quotechar of incoming CSV data

-i, --inverse         Invert the filter - ie drop the selected fields
                        Delimiter to use for output
                        Quote character to use for output

Report issues

Use the Github issue tracker or, better still...


After cloning, install the testing requirements:


Run the tests with:


and, if it helps, use the fixture files to test your amendments:

cat fixtures/au.csv | csvfilter -f 3,1,2 -s 1
csvfilter fixutres/au.csv -f 1,2 -i

Have fun.