Code is Science - a manifesto for anyone who deals with code in a scientific scenario
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This is the repository supporting the website for the Code is Science Manifesto.

TL;DR: Scientific code needs to be open source in order to be useful and peer reviewed.

Support The Manifesto

Right now we're in the 60 day consultation period to allow potentially interested parties to comment on the manifesto draft before we officially begin to collect signatures.

Please follow our Code of Conduct.

If you'd like to comment on the draft during the consultation period, you can do any of:

Mailing list

Sign up for updates on the Code is Science Manifesto.


After signing, you can add to all your Github projects and your profile. Remember to link back to the Code is Science Manifesto page.



We are in the process of requesting permission to publish a full list of contributors.


Stickers will be available soon.