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Build Status

Monkeypatches to have minitest work with rspec-mocks. Note the name changed from minitest_rspec_mocks to minitest-rspec_mocks for consistency with the idea that this is a plugin for minitest.

Use it:

include Minitest::RSpecMocks in whichever test case base classes you want rspec-mocks to be available. For example, if you're in a Rails project that uses minitest and you want rspec-mocks everywhere, you might do:

class ActiveSupport::TestCase
  include Minitest::RSpecMocks

class TestSomething < ActiveSupport::TestCase
  def test_it_should_use_rspec_stub
    RSpec::Mocks.configuration.syntax = :should
    string = "hello"
    assert string.to_i == 0
    string.stub(to_i: 100)
    assert string.to_i == 100

  def test_it_should_use_rspec_expect
    RSpec::Mocks.configuration.syntax = :expect
    string = "hello"
    assert string.to_i == 0
    expect(string).to receive(:to_i).and_return 100
    assert string.to_i == 100

Note that you must include it in a base class for your tests. Including it in the test class itself will not work.

Note that RSpec 3 deprecates the object.should (where you use object.stub(to_i: 100)) style in favor of using the expect style syntax.


If you use minitest/autorun, it patches its stub method onto Object. RSpec puts its version on BasicObject so it being further up the ancestor chain, it will rarely be used.

Also there is a little bit of setup / teardown you need to do a la


gem "minitest-rspec_mocks" in your Gemfile

Run the tests:

git clone this repository, then cd into it and run bundle exec ruby test/minitest/rspec_mocks_test.rb