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  1. grpc-demo grpc-demo Public

    Demo of Ruby-to-Ruby gRPC with Docker and SSL

    Ruby 60 13

  2. AnimatedRecyclerView AnimatedRecyclerView Public

    Android library for animating RecyclerView items when they enter and leave the screen.

    Kotlin 20 1

  3. codequest_pipes codequest_pipes Public

    Unix-like way to chain business objects (interactors)

    Ruby 18 8

  4. teleport teleport Public

    like ngrok but reverse

    Go 13 3

  5. phoenix-alpine phoenix-alpine Public

    Phoenix on Docker, oh my

    9 1

  6. SublimeLinter-contrib-reek SublimeLinter-contrib-reek Public archive

    SublimeLinter 3 plugin for Ruby, using reek.

    Python 8 8


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