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cloudcmd v10.0.0

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@coderaiser coderaiser released this 25 May 15:06
· 1158 commits to master since this release

The time is come to introduce a new version of Cloud Commander 🎉 . This is a cleanup release. Some options changed their names, some were removed. Let's begin.

Goodbye Cache, hello Service Workers!

The cache option enabled by default brought a lot of problems to our users.
So was decided to use Service Workers instead. Every new build will generate new service worker which will clean all old cache, so the problem with cache should go away 😃 .

One File Panel instead of One Panel Mode

There is not other modes, but there is other panels options so
--one-panel-mode was deprecated and replaced with --one-file-panel. The same with envaronment variables: CLOUDCMD_ONE_PANEL_MODE was replace with CLOUDCMD_ONE_FILE_PANEL.

Local Storage always enabled

LocalStorage now not so new technology as it was a couple years ago, so there is no need to enable or disable it from options.
It is used to:

  • store directories
  • store file contants for patches
  • as a buffer for copy and paste

I do not think you ever change this option, so to clean code and simplify configuration this option was removed.

HTML Dialogs always enabled

A long time ago all dialogs was done with built-in alert, confirm and prompt. Some time ago this functions was reimplemented with promise-based library smalltalk. HTML-based dialogs works well enaught so there is no need to disable it.

Clipboard path copy

For a long time, there was a clear storage button screen shot 2018-05-25 at 5 40 04 pm near directory path. I do not think you use it a lot, and as I see there is a need to copy current path. So this button was replaced with copy path button screen shot 2018-05-25 at 5 38 57 pm. You can still clear localStorage with Ctrl+D combination. And copy path with Ctrl+P.

If you are using some of the removed options please create an issue and we will thing how to fix things up 😃.


  • (cloudcmd) --one-panel-mode -> --one-file-panel
  • (cloudcmd) clear storage -> copy path (#173)
  • (config) rm option: htmlDialogs
  • (cloudcmd) add service worker
  • (config) rm option: cache
  • (cloudcmd) rm option: localStorage