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cloudcmd v9.0.0

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@coderaiser coderaiser released this 30 Mar 13:37
· 1278 commits to master since this release

Speed up loading of operations

A long time ago websockets hasn't used heavily, and all file operations were doing through ajax requests. There are several shortcomings with it. One of them is observing the progress an operation. And here is where spero, omnes, ishtar, salam and remedy began to shine. Whenever you copy file, pack zip or tar or extract archive, or remove files. You will see the progress of the operation.

These modules helped a lot. And it is hard to underestimate they income on Cloud Commanders evolution. But they also have bad sides, and one of them is loading 😞. Whenever you want copy, or remove files you should download files for all cases, initiate the connection, authorize each of them.

So the time is come to change them with another approach: fileop🎉.
This module includes all the same features of the previous making a composition of them.
Under the hood everything is the same:

But all of them in new wrapping with tests and revised APIs.
So now I can concentrate and you can download only 1 file instead of 5 🙂

Gritty v2

While I worked on fileop a lot of decisions came into my mind, and one of them is to simplify API of authorization. It touched gritty as well. Starting from Cloud Commander v9 you should use gritty >= v2. Older versions of Cloud Commander will work with new gritty as usual. Please install the latest version with:

npm i gritty -g

Keys Panel

Last and not least big change for today is renaming config option showKeysPanel -> keysPanel and adding new command line and environment options: --key-panel and CLOUDCMD_KEYS_PANEL.



  • (cloudcmd) --no-prefix
  • (client) goToParentDir
  • (query) portrait on iphone 6 firefox


  • (cloudcmd) showKeysPanel -> keysPanel
  • (package) dword v7.0.0
  • (package) deepword v3.0.0
  • (package) edward v7.0.0
  • (package) console-io v7.0.0
  • (cloudcmd) drop support of gritty < v2
  • (config) auth
  • (cloudcmd) spero, ishtar, salam, remedy, omnes -> fileop
  • (for-each-key) add
  • (package) html-webpack-exclude-assets-plugin v0.0.7
  • (query) add support if iphone 6 landscape