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Gulp Boilerplate for generic CSS/HTML/JS development gulp boilerplate.


/src/ - thats where you write code.

/build/ - compiled code. Do not ever edit this folder.

What is happening

We have two options for building html

  1. /src/index.html and /src/partials/ - for old school HTML.

  2. Optionally one can use Pug (it's commented in gulpfile.js). Basic template is in /src/pug/

Sass is compiled and postprocessed with Autoprefixer. We are using gulp-ruby-sass, so don't forget to install Ruby and Sass to use this boilerplate.

src/img/icons are joined into sprite, which could be used in Sass like this:


src/img/svg are joined into icon font, and can be used like this:

<i class="icon-svg_name"></i>

We are also using simplest include system with gulp-rigger, works for javascrpt and html:

//= partials/partial.html


We use BEM naming, meaning .block for independent block. .block__element for elements inside that block. And .block_modification for modification of the block.

It's noce to name layout blocks with .l-* prefixes. So you know it's layout.

States of the blocks use prefix .is-*. .is-running, .is-hidden, .is-open.

For javascript hooks we use prefix .js-*.

You are welcome

Have fun using it, or borrowing some parts. In case of issues or ideas just create them on github. Or write us at

gl & hf.