CodeRoad CLI - tools to help build tutorial files
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CodeRoad CLI

Command line interface for CodeRoad. See the docs for more.


Use CodeRoad CLI to setup and build a project data file.

Install CodeRoad-CLI. Make sure NodeJS is already installed

> npm install -g coderoad-cli


Get setup quickly with CodeRoad: either clone a tutorial repo or use the CodeRoad-CLI.

In your development directory, run create with your new package name.

> coderoad create $YOUR-PACKAGE-NAME$

Running create generates:

  • an example, which imports several tutorial files
  • an example test directory with a few example tests
  • a package.json configuration with some of the following settings:
  "name": "coderoad-$TUTORIAL-NAME$",
  "version": "0.1.0",
  "description": "Coderoad tutorial",
  "author": "Name <email> (site)",
  "main": "coderoad.json",
  "keywords": ["coderoad", "tutorial"],
  "dependencies": {
      "mocha-coderoad": "0.10.0"
  "config": {
      "language": "JS",
      "dir": "tutorial",
      "runner": "mocha-coderoad",
      "testSuffix": ".js"

We'll learn more about these configurations when it's time to publish.

Update changes to your tutorial by running build. This will generate a coderoad.json data file used by atom-coderoad.

> coderoad build


Validate your package.json & coderoad.json for possible errors or flagged warnings.

> coderoad validate

Demo Your Tutorial

Open a new directory for demoing your tutorial. Setup a new NPM project file.

> npm init

Add your package name to the dependencies in package.json:

  "dependencies": {
      "coderoad-$YOUR-PACKAGE-NAME$": "^0.1.0"

Normally you would use npm install to install the package, but your package isn't ready to be published yet. Instead, you need to link your tutorial package to your demo directory.

Link Your Demo & Tutorial

NPM link creates a symbolic link between directories. This allows your demo directory to always load your tutorial package.

Inside of your tutorial root directory, run link.

> npm link

Inside of your demo root directory, connect the link.

> npm link coderoad-$YOUR-PACKAGE-NAME$
> npm install

Using Atom

Open Atom-Coderoad to view your tutorial. Your package should appear as a loaded package. Click on it.

Reload Atom to view changes. You can use the Atom command-palette to find "reload" or simply use the reload hot-key.

  • Windows & Linux: alt-ctrl-r
  • Mac: ctrl-alt-cmd-l