Extract embedded VBIOS from (almost) any BIOS Update
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VBiosFinder (linux)

This tool attempts to extract a VBIOS from a bios update
Laptops with NVIDIA Optimus graphics often have the dGPU VBIOS integrated in their system BIOS, this makes extracting the VBIOS a complicated process. Provided you have a BIOS Update for your laptop, this tool might be able to automagically extract all available VBIOS from it.


  • Ruby
  • bundler (a ruby gem)
  • UEFIExtract (note: UEFIExtract can be found in the branch new_engine)
  • rom-parser
  • p7zip (optional)
  • innoextract (optional)
  • upx (optional)


Some dependencies might not offer a package for your linux distribution (like UEFIDump and rom-parser). The binaries can be placed in ./3rdparty to avoid having to install them.


  • Run bundle install --path=vendor/bundle to install the required ruby modules (once)
  • Run ./vbiosfinder extract /path/to/bios_update.exe to attempt an extraction
  • A temporary working dir is created at ./tmp-vbiosfinder which can be removed inbetween runs
  • Extracted VBIOS roms will be placed in ./output



Q: There are no files in ./output after running the tool!
A: It's very possible that VBiosFinder can't extract your type of BIOS update right now. Feel free to open an issue with a link to your bios update and the program output you get!


  • Add option to extract the bios of the running system (can we?)
  • Clean up temporary working dir after finishing up done
  • Test with more BIOS updates


This project, initially authored by Robin Broda, is licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License v3
A copy of the license is available in LICENSE.txt