Codeship Pro Quickstart with Michael Hartl's Rails Tutorial sample app
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Ruby/Rails Quickstart with Codeship Pro

Codeship Status for whiteotter/ruby-rails-quickstart

Michael Hartl's Rails Tutorial example configured for testing on Codeship Pro

Local Setup

  • Boot up app on local machine with Docker Compose -- docker-compose up
  • Run a Codeship Pro build on your local machine with our CLI tool -- jet steps

SCM Setup

  • Initialize as a new git repo -- rm -rf .git && git init && git add . && git commit -m 'first commit'
  • Create new repository on your SCM of choice (Github, Gitlab, Bitbucket) and push commit

CI/CD Setup

  • Sign up for a free Codeship Pro account
  • Once signed in, follow prompts to set up a Codeship Pro project
  • Commit a change to your repo and watch as a Codeship Pro build is triggered!