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Tag-based environment configuration for structs
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Tag-based environment configuration for structs.

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$ go get -u


package main

import (


type config struct {
	Secret            []byte        `env:"SECRET" required:"true"`
	Region            string        `env:"REGION"`
	Port              int           `env:"PORT" required:"true"`
	Peers             []string      `env:"PEERS"`
	ConnectionTimeout time.Duration `env:"TIMEOUT" default:"10s"`

func main() {
	c := config{}
	if err := env.Set(&c); err != nil {

$ ID=1 SECRET=shh PORT=1234 PEERS=localhost:1235,localhost:1236 TIMEOUT=5s go run main.go

Supported field types

  • bool and []bool
  • string and []string
  • []byte
  • int, int8, int16, int32, int64, []int, []int8, []int16, []int32, and []int64
  • uint, uint8, uint16, uint32, uint64, []uint, []uint8, []uint16, []uint32, and []uint64
  • float32, float64, []float32, and []float64
  • time.Duration and []time.Duration
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