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A simple helper to generate paths to assets in Laravel
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Laravel Asset Helper

This package provides a helper to generate paths to assets on the client-side the same as in Laravel with asset('foo.jpg').


npm install @codinglabs/laravel-asset --save

Vue.js example:

import {asset} from '@codinglabs/laravel-asset'

window.Vue = require('vue')

    methods: {
        asset: asset


The package can be configured with a mix .env variable:


Or by adding a meta tag, which is handy if the ASSET_URL is determined at deployment time (like with Laravel Vapor):

<meta name="asset-url" content="{{ config('app.asset_url') }}">

To inject an asset into a Vuejs component, use a dynamic prop:

<img :src="asset('path/to/foo.jpg')">

This will be prefixed with the asset URL the same as how the Laravel asset() helper works.

If you need to conditionally build against a specific environment file, take a look at mix-env-file.

About Coding Labs

Coding Labs is a web app development agency based on the Gold Coast, Australia. See our open source projects on our website.


The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.

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