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Change up a binary's embedded resources with this little creature.
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Changeling is a feature morphing creature that can allow you to build dynamic payloads without having to constantly recompile. While it is strongly encouraged to build this project from source, a binary is available in the release section of this repository.

Pull and feature requests are highly encouraged :)

Blog Post

For more information, read more about Changeling and it's inspiration here.

Running on Windows

C:\Users\coffeegist > Changeling.exe --help

Running on Mac OS

➜  coffeegist brew install mono
➜  coffeegist mono Changeling.exe --help

Running on Linux

+[root@coffee-kali: changeling]$ apt install mono-runtime
+[root@coffee-kali: changeling]$ mono Changeling.exe --help

Test Drive

If you want to see what Changeling is capable of with minimal effort, check out the changeling-demo project for an example binary that uses embedded resources.

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