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🛌🎣 Rest hooks

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Asynchronous dynamic data at scale. Performance, data integrity, and typing for REST, proto, GraphQL, websockets and more.

Bring structure to your React State.

🌎 Website

Simple TypeScript definition

class Article extends Entity {
  readonly id: string = '';
  readonly title: string = '';
  readonly body: string = '';

  pk() {

Create collection of API Endpoints

const ArticleResource = createResource({
  path: '/articles/:id',
  schema: Article,

One line data binding

const article = useSuspense(ArticleResource.get, { id });
return (


const { fetch } = useController();
return (
    onSubmit={data => fetch(ArticleResource.update, { id }, data)}

And subscriptions

const price = useLive(PriceResource.get, { symbol });
return price.value;

Programmatic queries

const sortedArticles = new Query(
  new schema.All(Article),
  (entries, { asc } = { asc: false }) => {
    const sorted = [...entries].sort((a, b) => a.title.localeCompare(b.title));
    if (asc) return sorted;
    return sorted.reverse();

const articlesUnsorted = useCache(sortedArticles);
const articlesAscending = useCache(sortedArticles, { asc: true });
const articlesDescending = useCache(sortedArticles, { asc: false });

...all typed ...and consistent

For the small price of 9kb gziped.    🏁Get started now


Principals of Rest Hooks

TS Integrity

  • Strong inferred types
  • Global referential equality guarantees
  • Normalized store creates a single source of truth
  • Strong invariants robust against race conditions
  • Validation


  • Stale While Revalidate configurable cache
  • Only re-render

Composition over configuration

  • Declarative data definitions
  • Decoupled API definitions from usage
  • Co-located data dependencies
    • Centralized orchestration
  • Extensible orchestration through Managers (middleware)
  • Composable hooks
    • subject pattern
  • Suspense + concurrent mode async orchestration

Incremental Adoption

  • Simple case is simple
  • Scale as your app scales