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Repository of CLI mixins

Various command line options are tedious to write and/or difficult to remember. To make common command line options easier to invoke this repository makes these "shortcuts" available, e.g. for the command line tool colcon.

How to fetch the information

Prerequisite: get the mixin extension

First make sure you have installed the python3-colcon-mixin apt package, or the colcon-mixin pip package.

Register the hosted repository

To register this repository with colcon (using the identifier "default"), invoke the following command:

colcon mixin add default

Afterwards as well as on a regular base fetch the latest content from the repository:

colcon mixin update default

Use a local mixin repository

The index as well as the mixins can also be local files. That is e.g. useful when iterating on the mixin files before publishing them:

git clone
colcon mixin add default file://`pwd`/colcon-mixin-repository/index.yaml

After editing either the index.yaml file or any of the .mixin files mixin update default needs to be run again.

How to use the information

To show the mixins available and their mapping invoke the following command:

colcon mixin show

To apply CLI mixins pass the option --mixin to the colcon verb followed by the names of the mixins.

How to contribute additional information

Initially fork this repository. For each contribution perform the following steps:

  • Create or modify one or multiple files ending with .mixin.
  • Add any new files in alphabetical order to the index.yaml file.
  • Run the script to ensure that the changes follow the recommended yaml style.
  • Create a pull request with the changes.