A simple component for Angular 2 meant to demonstrate a loading state
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Loading Indicator

This is meant to be a super-simple Angualr 2 component, used in tandem with ngSwitch to block DOM elements while waiting for async data.

To Use:

Pull loading-indicator.ts into your project, generally in a widely accessible place, where it can be referenced by other classes. Pull loading-indicator.scss into your Sass directory.

In your target class, reference the two classes in loading-indicator.ts. One is a directive, while the other is a base class that your component should extend:

import {Component, OnInit} from 'angular/core';
import {DataService} from '../../data/data.service';
import {LoadingPage} from 'path/to/loading-indicator';

	selector: 'some-component',
    templateUrl: 'some/page.html'
export class LoginPage extends LoadingPage {
	public asyncData;

    constructor(private _data: DataService) {
        super(true); // sets loading to true

    ngOnInit() {
        this._data.getData().then(res => {
            this.asyncData = res;
            this.ready(); // sets loading to false

In the template where you'll use this class, add an *ngSwitch to toggle the active view:

<ion-content class="login">
	<div [ngSwitch]="loading">
		<div *ngSwitchCase="false">
				<div *ngFor='#item in asyncData.items'>
		<div *ngSwitchCase="true">

In this case, the ngSwitch blocks the ngFor repeater from loading into the DOM; had it been loaded, Angular would have thrown an error, as it wouldn't be able to find property items of undefined.


The base class comes with two methods, a public property, and a constructor.

public loading: boolean

A property that will be set by the various internal methods, and will ultimately set the value of the ngSwitch in your component's template.

constructor(value: boolean)

The class constructor method, which apply an initial parameter value to the loading property.

public ready()

A method that sets loading to false, thus activating the part of the template that had been blocked.

public standby()

A method that sets loading to true, thus re-blocking the part of the template that you don't want rendered.