AngularJS JavaScript Library Packaged for Plone
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AngularJS JavaScript Library Packaged for Plone

This package provides the AngularJS libray for use in Plone.

Superheroic JavaScript MVW Framework (cite of the original website title)

The whole ZIP file distribution is provided. So far only the main angular library is registered in portal_javascripts (read section Installion).

Anyway: all other angular standard distribution js-libs are available under ++resources++collective.js.angular/NAME.js with name one out of:

  • angular-animate.js/ angular-animate.min.js
  • angular-cookies.js/ angular-cookies.min.js
  • angular-csp.css
  • angular-loader.js/ angular-loader.min.js
  • angular-resource.js angular-resource.min.js
  • angular-route.js/ angular-route.min.js
  • angular-sanitize.js/ angular-sanitize.min.js
  • angular-touch.js/ angular-touch.min.js


Just depend in your buildout on the egg collective.js.angular.

Install AngularJS Javascript Library as an addon in Plone control-panel or in portal_setup.

GenericSetup dependency string for metadata.xml is profile-collective.js.angular:default.
GenericSetup dependency string for metadata.xml is profile-collective.js.angular:uncompressed.
CDN (via Google, minified)
GenericSetup dependency string for metadata.xml is profile-collective.js.angular:cdn.

At the moment theres no uninstall profile configured.

This package is tested with for Plone 4.3 (should work with the 4-series)

Source Code and Contributions

If you want to help with the development (improvement, update, bug-fixing, ...) of collective.js.angular this is a great idea!

The code is located in the github collective.

You can clone it or get access to the github-collective and work directly on the project.

Maintainer is Jens Klein and the BlueDynamics Alliance developer team. We appreciate any contribution and if a release is needed to be done on pypi, please just contact one of us dev@bluedynamics dot com


License Python Package is GPL 2

License external libray AngularJS is MIT License