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Our mission is to solve self driving cars while delivering shippable intermediaries.

We're building the robotics stack that will solve self driving cars, then eventually scales to all of robotics. We own our stack from shipping state of the art machine learning models trained on our own infrastructure, building the operating system, designing the hardware, and manufacturing it.

Today, our fleet is the second largest after Tesla, and it's growing every month as more of the 10+ million compatible cars on the road come online. We will win by continuing to ship a better product and better driving to our users. No hype, just shipping constant incremental progress until your comma reliably drives you to Taco Bell.

All jobs are on site in San Diego, CA. One meeting a week, two great meals a day, and solving self driving cars.


  • Chef-prepared lunch and dinner
  • On-site gym and yoga studio
  • 24/7 access to the comma fleet of cars
  • Health, dental, and vision insurance
  • Flexible time off


1. Technical challenge Choose any of the challenges below, solve it, then email your solution to

2. Phone screen Typically, we do two phone calls. A quick intro and screen, then an in-depth technical interview with a division head.

3. Paid Micro-internship We'll fly you out to meet the team and work on a real problem for a few days. In most cases, the project will be scoped such that you'll ship it to real users by the end.

If all goes well, we'll make you a full-time job offer.


We're actively hiring anyone who can do these challenges well; web, systems, product, designers, and electrical engineers.

  • design: design a UI to communicate openpilot's confidence to the user
  • controls: build a controller to steer a (simulated) car
  • paid bounties: get a bounty merged to one of our open source projects


  • Internship? All teams accept interns year-round. The process is the same, except the micro-internship is a full internship.
  • Remote work? No, all jobs are on site in San Diego.
  • Any specific requirements? Nope. We're just looking for people who do well on our challenges and can independently contribute to shipping openpilot to users.
  • Any other jobs? We're hiring a technician for our compute cluster and a pick and place operator. Instead of a challenge submission, these jobs simply require relevant experience.
  • Are you hiring for X? If you can do any of the challenges well, then we're probably interested.
  • Do you offer Visa sponsorship? Yes, with rare country specific exceptions.
  • What's the best challenge to submit for X? The best challenge is generally the one you find most interesting and will do well on.

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