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CWL generator for ACD (EMBOSS) files.

acd2cwl provides:

  • a2c-tools, a generator of wrappers for EMBOSS tools. It uses the formal definition of the tools provided by the ACD files.
  • a2c-tests, a generator of functional tests for these tools. It uses the functional tests defined in the EMBOSS package itself


Installing the official package from PyPi:

pip install acd2cwl

Or from source: git clone cd acd2cwl && python install

Run tool wrappers generator

Simple command:

a2c-tools /usr/share/EMBOSS/acd/*.acd

For more options, just type

a2c-tools --help

Run test jobs generator

Simple command:

a2c-tests /usr/share/EMBOSS/test/qatest.dat /usr/share/EMBOSS/acd/*.acd

For more options, just type

a2c-tests --help

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