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On Tap: The CC Beer App.

Get hacking

  • Check out the MVP Project on Github.
  • Use Github Issues for feature requests, bugs, etc.
  • When developing, use Git Flow and open a PR.
  • There's a #beer channel in Flowdock

The basics

  • Server lives in /server, client lives in /client.
  • The server runs Express and uses Sequelize as an ORM.
    • It serves the client app bundle at /
    • It serves a REST API at /api/v1
  • The client's a basic React app that gets built using Pack

Installation & Development

To fire it up locally:

# requires node 6.5+
# clone the repo
git clone
cd ontap
cp .env.example .env
# add any missing vars to .env file (ask dev team)
npm install
npm run build
npm run start

There are a few useful scripts for development, run them all with npm run {script}

  • start: run the Express server
  • dev: run the Express server, restart when /server/* is modified
  • build: build the React app to /client/dist
  • watch: runs a Webpack dev server, hot reloads changes in /client/src
  • test: runs test with Mocha
  • lint: eslint server and client


Bit flaky right now. runs on a Digital Ocean box. Ask Mork for access if you want to deploy yourself.

TODO: get it to deploy on successful merges to master