A library and server providing a Datalog-inspired interface on top of Differential Dataflow.
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Declarative Differential Dataflows

This is currently a research project, not feature-complete in any way, and overall not ready for use in production services.

This project provides dynamic synthetization of differential dataflows at runtime. Included in this repository is the library itself, as well as a server accepting query plans serialized as JSON, via CLI, TCP, or WebSocket connections. A parser generating such plans from a Datalog-like query language is provided in Clojure(Script), but other query grammars or parsers from other host languages should be able to utilize the same query plan interface.

Build / Run

Assuming an up-to-date Rust environment, the server can be built and run via

cargo run --release --bin server -- <timely args> -- <server args>

The server executable accepts two sets of arguments separated by --, one for configuring timely dataflow and the other for configuring the server.


OPTION           | DESCRIPTION                | DEFAULT
--port           | port to listen at          | 6262
--enable-cli     | accept commands via stdin? | false
--enable-history | keep full traces           | false

Logging at a specific level can be enabled by setting the RUST_LOG environment variable to RUST_LOG=server=info.


Read the high-level motivation for this project.

Important architectural decisions are documented in the docs/adr/ sub-directory.

Documentation for this package can be built via cargo doc --no-deps and viewed in a browser via cargo doc --no-deps --open. Please refer to declarative_dataflow::plan::Plan for documentation on the available operators. The tests/ directory contains usage examples.

Front ends

Query plans are rather cumbersome to write manually and do not map to any interesting, higher-level semantics. Currently we provide a Datalog front end written in Clojure.