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Computational Omics and Systems Biology Group

The CompOmics group, headed by Prof. Dr. Lennart Martens, specializes in the management, analysis and integration of high-throughput Omics data.


  1. Interpretation of proteomics identification results

    Java 31 21

  2. searchgui Public

    Highly adaptable common interface for proteomics search and de novo engines

    Java 24 17

  3. Thermo RAW file parser that runs on Linux/Mac and all other platforms that support Mono

    C# 101 36

  4. DeepLC Public

    DeepLC: Retention time prediction for (modified) peptides using Deep Learning.

    Python 27 14

  5. ms2pip_c Public

    MS2PIP: MS2 Peak Intensity Prediction

    C 18 15

  6. Open source Java library for computational proteomics

    Java 25 17


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