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Todo list example application using components and Express for the backend
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Todo list component example app:


Of course have component(1) installed:

$ npm install -g component

Install express for the server, and the component dependencies:

$ npm install
$ make


In this implementation all private client-side components are located in ./client, while server related REST end-points are in ./server. The ./index.html file bootstraps the client-side, and app.js is a small Express server to power the backend.

Each client-side component in ./client defines its own dependencies, both "local" (in the ./client dir), and remote from public components that devs have created.

This is just one example of how you could structure an application. You could for example take a more traditional approach with ./models, ./controllers, and ./views etc. The entire app could be a single component, with all dependencies specified in the root ./component.json, however I recommend splitting your app into multiple as shown here, regardless of directory structure.

Components used



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